Help Me Hurt Myself: Adventure Racing Edition

Hey, this is Stephen, from Real Anime Training! Running is not my forte, but I’m working on it. As motivation for myself, and as part of my goal in being a professional athlete one day, I’m leaving my fate in the hands of Tumblr! (God help me…)  So, here’s the deal:

If this gets 100 notes, I’ll run a 5k.

If this gets 250 notes, I’ll do a Spartan Sprint

If this gets 500 notes, I’ll run a 10k.

If this gets 750 notes, I’ll do a Super Spartan Race.

If this gets 1,000 notes, I’ll run a half marathon.

If this gets 2,500 notes, I’ll do a Spartan Beast Race.

If this gets 5,000 notes, I’ll do a Tough Mudder.

If this gets 7,500 notes, I’ll run a marathon.

If this gets 10,000 notes, I’ll run a 50-mile Ultra marathon.

If this gets 25,000 notes, I’ll run a 100-mile Ultra marathon.

If this gets 50,000 notes, I’ll do a Spartan Death Race

For these events, I will post pictures, times, and my thoughts after the event’s completion. If (by some sheer insanity) this accumulates notes faster than I can complete events, I will do the events in order as event scheduling and training permit, but as quickly as I possibly can. The reason I love this in terms of Real Anime Training is because it mimics a lot of anime characters traveling the world. I figure this is a way to get a taste of just how nasty that training could be!

Some of these events are not cheap, so if you feel like donating to Real Anime Training, anything would be greatly appreciated. Go to www.realanimetraining.com and click on the “Donate” button on the right-hand side! Every person who donates will be promoted and if you donate a lot, I’ll do something cool for you (that I have yet to decide… we can negotiate said cool thing).

C’mon, Tumblr! Can you help me hurt myself?!